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EXP Farmer

Project Details:

EXP Farmer is the spiritual success to my game Gold Farmer.

Since Gold Farmer was only built in a single day, there were so many things I wanted to add, change, and improve. But I instead of updating gold farmer, I wanted to make a whole new game with a different twist, which included a leveling system, achievements, and the ability to remotely update game values for balancing purposes. Which mean players don't have go to the Google Play store to download an update for my game unless there are any actual code changes. If the player's device is unable to get the latest values, the game just uses values from it's last grab (or default values), so the game always remains playable.

I also developed a private highscore leaderboard that only I can view so I can see active stats of players playing my game. Stats include: Amount of Taps, Amount of EXP earned, Time Played, and Current Level. The idea behind this was to gather info on how long users play my game for and how active they are in it, so I can adjust future games.

  • Localization for the following languages:
    • - English
    • - French
    • - Spanish
    • - German
    • - Russian
    • - Simplified Chinese
  • Dynamic online patching and balance handling
  • Menu and GUI functionality including advanced optimization
  • Online account and database creation to track user data and highscores
  • Achievement handling and tracking
  • Some art work
  • Created sound effects

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