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Square World

Project Details:

Square World is a 2D platform runner I designed and programmed for mobile devices, and is my first completed and published personal project. I did however outsource help for art and music to two of my friends, seeing as I'm a terrible artist and didn't have the tools needed to make the music myself (although I doubt I would have faired much better at that than the art anyways).

It has 3 versions. A Free version (with ads, limited levels and characters), a Pro version (everything unlocked and no ads), as well as a Gold version that I made just for the fun of it. The Free and Pro versions of the game are both available right now on the Google Play store and the App Store.

  • Dynamic World and GUI placements based on screen size
  • Custom Physics Functionality
  • Level Design and Creation
  • Highscore saving and updating
  • Unlockable items through highscore achievements
  • GUI Functionality
  • Smooth Camera Tracking
  • Character Voices

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