Hey, I'm Hilton, and I'm a software developer from Edmonton, Alberta.

I build games and applications, with an emphasis on mobile development. I program in many different languages, and am proficient in using several different game engines and IDE's.

While you're here, check out my portfolio to view my completed projects.

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  1. < Current Project >

    Currently working on a mobile game for a small series I call "Poorly Drawn". Basically, I do all the art for the game and it looks awful, but the game is tons of fun.

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  2. < Noteworthy Skills >

    On top of already knowing several languages, I find it very easy to pick up and learn new languages, as well as learn development in a new IDE or game engine.

    I'm also able to innovate, create new and unique ideas, and brainstorm properly in a team dynamic.

  3. < Contact >

    Whether you're interested in hiring me, collaborating with me, or just want to say "Hello!", feel free to contact me through email, Twitter, or LinkedIn by clicking on the icons below.